Members of my family recently told me that they are beginning to think I am insanely passionate about women, take what you may of that. I for one, think the inherent problem with this society is that people are not passionate enough. See the thing is, everyone has a conception about women in their heads – a conception about what they think is our “purpose”. And this so called purpose is almost always entirely self-serving. So everybody just stands around, deciding our future for us. Any additional expectation to actually include women in this discourse or to make sure these women are leading a nuanced life, becomes a major inconvenience for the majority of the population. I mean how radical to actually consider women as human beings.

I have also been told that I write like I talk, which I don’t suppose is an entirely good quality for a writer to have. But writing is what I like to do, and I do it quite often, mind you. I am not particularly good at it but, when has that ever stopped me? This is all of course the perfect segue into the fact that I wrote an article about another one of the numerous ways women are subjugated in this society. Give it a read if that’s something that interests you (I would urge you to give it a read even if it doesn’t, but let’s pretend I didn’t say that).

I am a cis woman. I am a feminist. I am angry. Labels, labels, labels. But, if the defining feature of who I am as a person, is that I feel strongly about women’s issues, I would gladly take that over the alternative any day.

P.S. sorry for this sudden word vomit. I am just triggered and needed to rant.

8 thoughts on “Women

  1. When you wrote “people are not passionate enough” i felt it. Your anger and passion for women’s issues can inspire so many people to think about it.💕 Loved it

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